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5 Quick Classroom Tips for Engaging Preschoolers

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Wednesday, February 27,2013

Engaging a room of preschoolers can be challenging!  Being prepared as to eliminate any downtime is a golden rule.  Here are some quick tips for preschool classroom management.

1.  Use a consistent attention-getting cue.  The key is that your cue must be attention getting and used consistently.  Decide on a certain cue that you will use and train the students, through consitancy, that when you use the cue they are to listen.  Try cues that involve repeating words, clapping, and/or student participation.

2.  Teach with enthusiasm.  Do not speak in a monotone voice.  Make your words come alive.  When reading stories or discussing the lessons of the day, use variety in the pitch, tone, and loudness of your voice;  even change your facial expressions.  Don’t be afraid to be dramatic.  This grabs pereschoolers attention.

3.  Involve the children.  Students will remember information better if they are involved in your teaching.  The more involved they are the less trouble they can cause.  Have students repeat key phrases or act out related motions.  The more repetition, the better.

4.  Keep it short and use variety.  Less is more for for little kids.  Preschoolers have very short attention spans!

5.  Give the reserved children a role.  Do you have a student that tends to be slow to participate, if they participate at all?  Look for ways to involve the student by giving them a special task.  Sometimes these students need extra attention.



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