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Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Tuesday, April 06,2021

When your child was a baby, you probably followed the ABC’s of sleep — Alone, on their Back, and in their Crib — to ensure that your baby was safe and sound. While your child may not be a baby anymore, you still help support their health by making sure they get enough sleep. 

CDC research shows that children who get enough sleep are less likely to develop mental health issues, high blood pressure, and behavioral problems. 

Follow these tips to promote good sleep for your children: 

  • Avoid screen time before bed. Collect all electronic devices – including cell phones, laptops, and video game devices. 
  • Keep a 15-20-minute bedtime routine. Brush teeth, read, and do other things to help your children relax. .
  • Avoid giving your children sugary drinks before bed. Give them water instead.
  • Dim or turn off the lights to show that it’s time for bed. 
  • Keep age-appropriate bedtimes for your children. Stick to these bedtimes over the weekend!

Use the sleep chart below to help decide how much sleep your children need. 

Age of Child

Recommended Sleeping Hours 

Newborn-3 months 

16-18 hours

4-12 months

12-16 hours

1-2 years

11-14 hours

3-5 years 

10-13 hours

6-12 years

9-12 hours

13-18 years

8-10 hours

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