Elyria Early Childhood Village

Established over 25 years ago.

The Elyria City School District offers three different preschool options to Elyria residents. The first is an integrated program serving special needs students as well as typically developing peers. The second program features collaboration between Head Start and Elyria. The third program is a typical preschool program that is tuition based with fees charged on a sliding scale based upon family income and size.

Programs Offered:

  • Integrated Preschool
    9:10am – 11:40am or 12:40pm – 3:10pm
  • Head Start Collaboration
    Monday – Thursday
    8:30am – 11:40am (Breakfast and Lunch served)
    12:40 – 4:00pm (Lunch and Snack served)
  • Elyria Schools Preschool
    9:10am – 11:40am or 12:40 pm- 3:10pm
  • Services for Special Needs students include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech, Audiology

Contact Information:

42101 Griswold Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035