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Tips for Creating a Literacy Rich Environment

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Monday, October 01,2012

Creating a literacy rich environment is important for helping preschoolers develop the foundation skills that will lead to successful reading later on.

Here are a few tips for creating a literacy rich preschool environment in your preschool classroom:

  • Books, Books, Books have a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books available. Rotate them on a regular basis and make sure there is a comfortable area for children to independently look at books.
  • Model good reading habits. Read to your class every day. Talk about what you are reading.
  • Use signs and labels throughout the classroom
  • Get on their level. Make sure the print is at the children’s level. Don’t be tempted to hang signs out of reach.
  • Incorporate real examples of print into centers. Menus and notepads in the kitchen or restaurant area, “junk” mail in the post office…show the kids how print is around them every day, everywhere.
  • Think outside the box. Tape letters to blocks and help the kids build words. Make pancakes in letter shapes.
  • Remember that English may not be the primary language of all of your students. Make sure you know what community resources are available to support English Language Learners and their families.
  • Encourage families to continue your lessons at home. Hold a family night and demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate literacy into early childhood learning.

This is just a beginning. What suggestions do you have for creating a literacy rich environment?

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