Ready Set Go to Kindergarten

Why All the Hype About Preschool?

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Monday, October 01,2012

Parents are talking about it at the playground. Doctors are asking about it during check-ups. The experts are talking about it on the morning news. What exactly is it and why does it matter so much? The “it”, the hot topic, the one with all the hype….Preschool. Yes, you read correctly–preschool. Because it turns out those years of singing nursery rhymes, playing dress up and finger painting really matter. A lot. 

The early childhood education experiences a child has are often a direct indicator of how well they will perform in kindergarten and beyond. Isn’t it enough to engage your child in art projects and the ABCs at home? Turns out, it’s not. 

Not only does preschool lay the foundation for academic skills, it is also the place that children learn how to follow rules and listen to another adult…so that when the child enters kindergarten they can hit the ground running. Parents magazine recently published a great article that will answer your questions about Why Preschool Matters.

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