Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ready Set Go…to Kindergarten (RSG)?

    RSG is a community collaboration of early childhood education providers and community organizations working together to improve and expand quality preschool experiences for the children of Elyria. RSG seeks to ensure Kindergarten readiness for children in Elyria by addressing academics, physical health, behavioral health, and social/emotional development. This is accomplished through:

    • ongoing professional development for early childhood education staff;
    • alignment to Ohio’s Early Learning Developmental Standards;
    • high-quality, low-cost preschool;
    • health screenings and immunizations;
    • developmental screenings to ensure children are meeting milestones on time;
    • family support programs;
    • community programs such as storytimes at the Elyria Public Library.

    RSG seeks to build a bridge from early childhood education to elementary school and beyond with the belief that children ready for kindergarten are ready for life.

    What role does the Elyria City School District play in RSG?

    Ready Set Go…to Kindergarten is the endorsed early learning partnership of the Elyria City School District.

    How will my child benefit from participating in RSG?

    There are several ways your child can participate in Ready Set Go…to Kindergarten (RSG).

    First, your child can enroll in one of the early childhood education programs that are part of RSG. Your child will benefit from attending a RSG certified center. Research has shown participation in a quality early childhood education program:

    • significantly improves early literacy, language and math skills,
    • improves student performance on third-grade tests,
    • reduces the number of kids held back in school by up to 36 percent,
    • reduces the need for special education by up to 49 percent.

    Second, your child can participate in one of the community events sponsored by RSG. This includes storytimes at the Elyria Public Library, community wide playgroups, and developmental health screenings. Contact us at for more details.

    Finally, make sure your child is registered for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Any child ages 0-5 who lives in Elyria is eligible to receive a FREE book each month. Register here.

    Entering kindergarten ready to learn prepares your child for life! Additionally, because of the improved communication between the early childhood education community and organizations such as the Elyria City School District, the transition process into kindergarten is easier on children and parents alike.

    How will I benefit as a provider from participating in RSG?

    As a RSG recognized provider you will qualify for a number of benefits including:

    • FREE marketing,
    • FREE professional development opportunities (including the Big Four—CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse Prevention),
    • Assistance with aligning to Step Up to Quality,
    • Collaboration with other Elyria early childhood providers,
    • The ability to build a relationship with the K-12 learning community that will benefit the children in your care.

    RSG seeks to build a bridge from early childhood education to elementary school and beyond with the belief that children ready for kindergarten are ready for life.

    How can I learn more?

    Thank you for your interest, contact us at or call us at 440-420-2888.